How To Download MP3 Music On Your Android Phone

free music download for android

Downloading Free MP3 Music For Your Android Phones

Many people love to hear their favourite songs and music during their leisure time or when they are alone. In the earlier days, everyone had a habit of hearing music in the television, radio and later in headphones. But now everyone has an Android mobile phone in hand and you can have free music downloads for phones. There are so many numbers of mobile friendly music downloading websites now available to support all versions of android mobiles to download any music. In order to find the best music downloader for android mobile phone, you don’t need to put more efforts because they can be easily found from the simple Google search.

How to download mp3 music on your android phone:

Android mobile phones of any version or model are not only capable to play the games but you can also hear music or mp3 songs or watch movies similar to the computer. Whenever you are in need of downloading any of your favourite music or song from any album, first of all you should have to find the best mp3 downloader for android phones. Some mp3 music downloading websites are directly allowing the users to download their music but other sites require you have the specialized downloader application to get your favourite music.

In order to download the particular music, first of all you should need more space on your phone memory. Mp3 format is not a problem because all the Android phones are supporting this format to play any type of music or songs. But enough space on the phone memory is essential to download any music on your phone. Otherwise, you can’t able to download anything from the music downloading website. If you don’t have adequate space in the phone memory, you can insert an additional SD card in your phone. It will be greatly beneficial to download your music on the memory card or SD card.

Getting music downloader app:

If your favourite free music download for android site requires you to have a specialized music downloader application, don’t worry there are so many options available now. It is better looking at the Google Play Store where you can find hundreds of applications which have advanced features to download royalty free music without any payments. Some of the music downloader applications are not supporting the earlier versions of the Android OS. So, it is your responsibility to checkout whether your downloader app is supporting your Android mobile phone or not. If it is supporting your phone, then you can start getting the free music downloads for phones to enjoy your favourite music and songs.

When you would like to choose the best choice, it is highly suggested to make a comparison between two or more apps. First of all, you should have to choose two or more numbers of free music downloader apps and compare each of their features in order to pick the best choice among them for your download needs.

List of best MP3 downloaders for android:

1. SONGily Pro

free music downloads for phones

SONGily Pro is an advanced version of SONGily. SONGily Pro is one of the best apps for Music, Songs & Videos. If this app doesn’t work on your device, then you can switch back to Older & Stable version of SONGily that is available on our website

★ All the features of SONGily v2.1.0
★ Search for the latest Music
★ Daily Updated Top 12 Chart.
★ More Accurate Search Results.
★ Background Playback.
★ Background File Transfer.
★ Inbuilt DM & File History.
★ Ability to stop current File Transfer.
★ Separate Online Video Converter.
★ Hardware Encoding of media.
★ Material Design

2. Music Paradise Pro

best mp3 downloader for android

Music Paradise Pro is an application to download and listen to free music that’s completely free of charge. Meaning while you may hear versions of familiar songs, you won’t actually be able to download original songs from most major commercial artists.

3. 4shared

free music downloads for phones

4shared is the official app download service of the same name, thanks to which you can manage your user account, search through the database of the platform for files, and download any of them at any time.

4. Wynk Music

free music download for android

Wynk Music is the one-stop music app for the latest to the greatest songs that you love.

From latest Bollywood hits to trending International artists – with over 3 million free songs we’ve got it all covered. Pop, Rock, Bhangra, Devotional, Romantic, Dance, Party, Old Classics – whatever your choice of genre, you will find it here. Along with Hindi & English, enjoy music across languages such as Punjabi, Telugu, Tamil, Bhojpuri, Bengali, Assamese, Malayalam, Gujarati, Rajasthani, Marathi, Oriya & Kannada.

More reasons to start Wynk-ing:
• High quality music streaming
• Personalised recommendations
• Thousands of curated playlists
• My Station: non-stop music personalised for you
• Manage all your music in one place
• Follow artists and playlists
• Create your playlists and share with friends & family
• Search from more than 3 million songs
• Free music streaming at low internet speeds
• Internet Radio for hours of uninterrupted music
• Song & album purchase
• Support for Chromecast
• and much more…

5. Tunee

free music downloads for phones

How to download Tunee Music?

Well, Tunee Music Downloader Pro is no longer available in Google Play. Typical Google issues concerning their strict policy about everything that’s got to do with music and video downloads. But luckily enough, we’re still offering you the download of its APK. Just tap the download button and in a few seconds, you’ll have the installation file on your phone as it’s ver light, hardly weighing 800kB. Once installed, using the app is easy peasy:

  • Search for the song you want to download or listen via streaming.
  • You’ll see a list of songs that meet your search criteria, with info about the length of the song, its weight and quality in kbps.
  • Tap on the song of your choice to mark it blue. On the top bar,two buttons will appear: one to download and one to play.
  • If you choose to play the song it will start playing instantly (you might have to wait for a few seconds due to buffering).
  • If you press the download button you’ll have the song downloaded to your Music folder in a matter of minutes.

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